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Food Distribution & Logistics   Retail/Commercial Distribution  

In charge of getting the right food products to the right locations at the right times while working to control expenses? Involved in managing shipping schedules and dispatch from warehouse locations to end customers? When you need to streamline distribution and satisfy customer demands, our route optimization software can help you automate processes, improve execution and drive down operating costs. 



Route planning maps and delivery route software to improve your shipment planning and delivery scheduling management systems in logistics and warehouse distribution. With a fleet tracking system, our route planning software offers logistical support to streamline distribution. Most truck tracking or vehicle routing software can improve efficiencies and reduce logistics costs. Our routing and scheduling was designed for private/dedicated fleets and direct store delivery.

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Private/Dedicated Fleet   Logistics Service Providers/3PL  

Whether you are looking for transportation planning software, interactive transportation planning, truck routing software with a map route planner, vehicle tracking solutions, or transportation dispatch and delivery routing software, look to Appian logistics managment software. With driver scheduling tools, a territory planner, asset and resource optimization, even GPS fleet tracking and optimized vehicle routing for product or service delivery and warehousing distribution, you will plan, create, execute and monitor the most economical routes possible while improving performance and customer satisfaction.

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Shipment planning, inbound and outbound freight, designing a logistics network, optimizing routes and schedules--logistics planning technologies offer value for a trucking company, distribution operations, freight logistics companies or almost any transportation management or logistics operation. Appian route planning software is the transport management software of choice for truck routing, logistic support, design and analysis. Run SAP or Oracle? For advanced transportation planning and optimization software or better delivery routing or truck tracking software, request more information today.      

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